Zounds Hearing of Dutchess – Free Hearing Exam Wappingers Falls and Dutchess County New York

Worried that your hearing may not be as good as it was years ago? Do you have to turn the TV or radio volume all the way up to hear your favorite programs? Are you concerned about a loved one who may suffer from hearing loss? Need help? Zounds Hearing of Dutchess provides the best hearing aid services in Wappingers Falls and the rest of Dutchess County, New York. Let us provide you with a free hearing exam, and work with you to provide better hearing for better living…

Why Zounds?

Zounds features hearing aids that provide the world’s best performing technology at an affordable price.

Only Zounds® has resolved the top complaints associated with traditional hearing aids.

At manufacturer direct prices, Zounds® delivers:

  • Fully Rechargeable Batteries – No need to buy, change or dispose batteries*. Go all day on one single charge
  • Intuitive Noise Cancellation – Eliminates up to 90% of background noise
  • Feedback Cancellation- No squealing!
  • Amazing Voice/Sound Clarity
  • Remote Control

*Zounds® will replace the rechargeable batteries free for the life of Zounds® rechargeable aid.




I recently advised that the office of Magic Hearing Solutions (Formerly ZOUNDS Hearing of Dutchess) in Wappingers Falls is closed and I have affiliated myself with Access Hearing Service.  It was important to me that you had immediate choices for a professional hearing aid service center who could provide you with expert care and have the ability to service your ZOUNDS Hearing or any other brand of hearing aids.

I have heard that there may be some confusion as to my transition, and as to where ZOUNDS Hearing Aids owners can obtain the services (adjustment, reprogramming and repair) for either in or  out of warranty hearing aids, which I would like to clarify:

  1. 1. I am the Patient Care Coordinator for Access Hearing Service.
  2. 2. Michael Ruffen is the owner of Access Hearing Service located at 25 Market Street (Third Floor) Poughkeepsie, NY. Tel: (845) 632-0302
  3. 3. Michael Ruffen, the owner of Access Hearing, is a NYS Licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist and National Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences (NBCHIS), who has been in business of fitting, selling and servicing hearing aids for over 15 years.
  4. 4. ZOUNDS Hearing Inc. REMAINS in the business of manufacturing and sales of hearing aids and providing repair and service for ZOUNDS hearing aids from its Arizona headquarters and through its network of hearing aid centers.
  5. 5. Access Hearing Service is fully equipped to provide warranty support as well as full service for your ZOUNDS hearing aids, including stocking of spare parts, having access to all required accessories, programing software the ability to reprogram your ZOUNDS Hearing Aids, make most repairs on-site the same day, and if necessary to ship to the factory.
  6. 6. In addition Access Hearing Service is a fully equipped to sell, fit and service ZOUNDS hearing aids, as well as a wide variety of other brands including the latest models of Starkey.
  7. 7. Through May 31, 2018 Access Hearing Service will be providing a MINIMUM trade-in allowance of $1,500 for your old pair of hearing aids ($750 for a single aid) towards a purchase of a pair of Premium hearing aids.

For any additional information, to set up a FREE/ NO OBLIGATION  Hearing Consultation or a service appointment please call (845) 632-0302.

Looking forward for helping you in the future.